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Renovate your vehicle from the bottom up

Your brakes should respond as soon as you put your foot on them. If they are starting to lag and you�re not stomping when you want to, you need to have them checked out as soon as possible. Bad brakes can cause minor or major accidents with neglect.

  • Brake repair and alignments
  • Rotors and master cylinders
  • Pads and shoes
  • ABS systems
  • Brake system flushes
  • Shocks and struts

Pay closer attention to your brakes with expert advice

There are a lot of components included in your brake system. Even the tiniest piece can cause your brake system to fail. This is why you should have your brakes inspected at the slightest hint something may be going on with them.

You should take note of any signs that your brakes need repairing. Signs can include squeaky noises when you go to stop, an unusual amount of brake dust on your wheels, or trouble pushing in the brake pedal. Any sign of these may warrant a brake repair.










Experience a safe stop when you hit the brakes

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